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How do I define which members of a group can act on a task?

asked 2017-12-20 05:09:37 -0600

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How do I define which members of a group can act on a task?

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answered 2017-12-20 06:05:58 -0600

SupportProcessMakerIO gravatar image

In the BPMN file, you can define a list of users or groups in which to delegate tasks. Here are two code snippets as examples:

<bpmn:usertask id="UserTask1" name="Task 1" pmio:candidateusers="Joe, Alice">

<bpmn:usertask id="UserTask2" name="Task 2" pmio:candidategroups="Accounting">

In the first task definition, we use the candidateUsers extension attribute to define a list of users in which to delegate new tasks. The task recipient is selected in a round-robin fashion: first Joe, then Alice, and then Joe again.

In the second task definition, a group list is set through the candidateGroups extension attribute. In this example, each time Task 2 is to be delegated, the next user within the Accounting group is selected in round-robin fashion as the task recipient: If Bob and Fred are members of the Accounting group, Bob would be the task recipient, then Fred, and then Bob again.

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